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Visiting Research Fellowship
in Dermatopathology


The Visiting Research Fellowship in dermatopathology is open to pathologists and dermatologists dedicated to improving their skills in diagnostic dermatopathology. The program’s structure is similar to that of the Dermatopathology Fellowship. However, this program is not for board-certification. Visiting Research Fellowship candidates accepted into the Academy may choose to study for up to one (1) year. The duration of study at the Academy is ultimately determined by the goals of the individual candidate.

Training covers both clinical and microscopic aspects of the subject. Microscopic teaching is mostly done at daily “sign-out” sessions, during which the fellows will expand their knowledge of a wide variety of common and uncommon diseases of the skin. There are no patient-service responsibilities for visiting fellows throughout the program, therefore a license to practice medicine is not mandatory.

Aside from dermatopathology training, visiting fellows will have numerous opportunities to develop professional and academic contacts, providing for the open exchange of opinions and ideas that will help to promote a more worldly understanding of the practice of medicine – specifically, in dermatopathology.


The schedule at the Ackerman Academy changes daily. Normal training hours are approximately 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM, Monday through Friday. There are no set session times.


U.S. and foreign medical students, residents, and practicing physicians are welcome to study at the Academy and can begin any time. At the completion of your training you will receive a formal certificate from the Ackerman Academy of Dermatopathology. Neither a Visiting Fellowship nor an elective qualifies one to sit for a board examination in dermatopathology. Please visit the admissions section for details on how to apply.


One year's tuition for the visiting research fellowship is $12,000. Shorter stays are $1,000 per month, with a 4-month minimum.

J-1 Visa for International Trainees

The Academy can issue a DS-2019 form for the trainee for the issuance of a J-1 visa. Please visit the resources section for more information on the J-1 visa and the requirements for issuing the DS-2019 form.